Education Without Borders 2013 conference

Dear Educators
On behalf of the Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) in the United Arab Emirates it is with great pleasure that I am again able to call for full time undergraduate and graduate students to apply for selection to the world renowned Education Without Borders 2013 conference

This event is for students by students. A full explanation is provided in the attachment. Essentially, 1000 international students from around the world are selected to participate in three days of student presentations based on a final selection of 36 papers written around the themes of the conference. The students have a once in a lifetime and memorable opportunity to interact with Nobel Laureates (5 have already accepted invitations), CEO’s from the top world-wide corporate organizations, senior world Government Ministers and dignitaries. We provide accommodation, all hospitality and visa expenses. The only cost to the student is the airfare. However, if they are one of the fortunate 36 students to be selected to have their paper presented at the event, then we also provide the airfare. As 2013 is the 25th Anniversary Year for HCT, the paper presenters will also have the additional opportunity of staying two more days in the UAE and attend Festival of Thinkers 2013, another memorable event.

Education Without Borders is open to all students of the world. If they are interested, they simply visit the website and complete the application process. This involves explaining why they think they could contribute to the event, providing a reference from one of their college/university tutors to provide evidence of full time attendance and some essential details about their course of study. Students who would like to obtain full sponsorship are invited to write an abstract and subsequent paper, no more than 3000 words.

I do hope you will encourage your students to apply. If in any doubt, please visit the website to hear and see testimonials from past attendees. It will truly inspire you.

Kind regards,

Christine Luscombe-Whyte
EWB 2013 Executive Organising Committee Member

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